Pathological research for brain tumors

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Pathological research for brain tumors

In the research group of the Department of Pathology led by Prof. Kros, we study various topics in the field of brain tumors.

In collaboration with the Proteomics research group, we identify proteins that play a role in vascular new formation in primary brain tumors. We are also looking for precursor cells that can form new tumor vessels. Both these proteins and the progenitor cells can become targets for therapy.

In collaboration with the Bioinformatics department, we are looking for answers to questions such as: which hereditary material is involved in the vascular formation in primary brain tumors?

And in collaboration with the Department of Experimental Cardiology, we are looking at whether the genetic material involved in the vascular neo-formation in tumors or heart muscle tissue after an infarction is different.

Together with the Department of Internal Oncology, we are investigating which genetic material tumors need somewhere in the body to form metastases to the brain. Perhaps we can influence this genetic material in such a way that we prevent metastases from forming to the brain.

In collaboration with the Neuro-oncology department, we are re-examining the tumor tissue of patients with a primary brain tumor who participate in clinical drug research (EORTC trial). We compare the result of this with the outcome of the drug research, so that in the future we can select people who will benefit the most from that drug, based on the properties of their tumor tissue.