Braintumor Research

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Together we know more

A very important goal of the Brain Tumor Center is to find new treatments for brain tumors. It is becoming increasingly clear that we have to adjust the therapy to certain molecular properties within a brain tumor type. For example, certain proteins that may or may not be made by the tumor, or certain genetic abnormalities in the genetic material of the brain tumor, may make therapy more or less likely to succeed. In other words: therapy against brain tumors is becoming increasingly personal.

That is why laboratory researchers on the one hand and doctors and nurses on the other must work together, and that is exactly what our Brain Tumor Center aims for. We work closely with other research groups from departments within the Erasmus MC, such as pathology, genetics, bioinformatics, tumor immunology and virology.

Within the Netherlands we maintain various partnerships with other centers. Internationally we are strongly involved in the European cancer research association (the EORTC), and we have close ties with some of the leading brain tumor institutes in Europe and the United States.

Cancer cells, genes and proteins
Research into the type and nature of different brain tumors

New therapies
Research and innovations

Safer and new operating techniques
Awake operations and other revolutionary interventions

Experimental drug treatments
Explanation about studies into new medicines for brain tumors

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