Identification of new treatments

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Identification of new treatment strategies

In addition to methods to optimize treatments, it is also imperative that we develop new therapies to treat tumors more effectively. Cancer is a disease caused by changes in a cell's DNA. These changes can be caused by the environment, such as UV radiation or smoking, but can also occur spontaneously during cell division.

Most of these changes will have no effect, but if the change occurs in genes that promote cell growth, a tumor could result. Incidentally, more of these changes (mutations) are needed to form a tumor.

Because tumors grow through the effects of these genetic changes, these changes are good starting points for the development of new therapies.

The Neurology department is therefore researching genes that are involved in the development of brain tumors and the role these genes play in the formation of the tumor. We use "high-throughput omics" techniques for this. They make it possible to detect and analyze all genetic changes. The ultimate goal is to identify new "drugs and drug targets" from these causal genetic changes.